Jesus took the bread. . . and said, "this is My body."
And He took the cup,. . . saying, ". . . this is My Blood "
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9:45 AMThe Minor Prophets Adult Bible Study
Join us as we go through the interesting and often confusing books of the Minor Prophets. This is an overview of each Prophet and we will take our time going through it. We begin September 12 and expect to end in the Spring some time. Come and join us. We believe it will be an enjoyable study and fellowship. 

11:00 AMSunday Worship Service
Join us as we worship God together in spirit and truth.  We give glory to God our Father Who created us, God the Son, Jesus Christ Who redeemed us and God the Holy Spirit Who dwells in us.  Our worship services are liturgical with Holy Communion celebrated on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.  Our biblical sermons teach you God's truths found in His Word alone and be able to apply them to your life.