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Easter Eyes
Christmas really wasn’t all that long ago, the boxes of decorations haven't even had time to gather dust yet. St. Valentine's day was just a couple of weeks ago, and still, we’re already fairly deep into the season of Lent. And of course, you know what that means - Easter is merely weeks away. We haven't even had to endure a harsh winter, and spring is already here. Already so many signs of the new life of spring are visible. Lawns are turning green, trees are beginning to awaken from their sleep, and we've even had tornadoes this February. Doesn't it seem like it would be okay if Easter waited a few more weeks before showing up? After all the Groundhog promised us six more weeks of winter. Easter should wait. We'll get to it, just not right away. Let's enjoy the cold and gloom a little bit longer, right? No?
Okay, maybe it IS time for Easter to remind us, once again, of God's mercy and grace. It is good for us to be ever mindful of the gift of eternal life that we celebrate every Easter season. And God, in His great providence has given us so many visual reminders of the New Life that we have in the Resurrection of Jesus. In the emerging green of Lent, we see the beginnings of life returning from the cold dead earth – just as Jesus returned to us from out of the earth. We see plants sprouting, new leaves covering the trees, we feel the warmth, we welcome the spring rains – all of which are signs of life, and reminders of our Christ-given eternal life. You have only to observe the beauty of God’s creation, in the glory of springtime, to be reminded of His love for you. Enjoy this season with the eyes of Easter. See in the beauty of nature that ours is a God of life and love. Allow the sights of Spring to point you to the One who created you, redeemed you, sustains you, and loves you. Easter eyes see the lifegiving God, who brings new life back from the dead, in the splendor of nature. He is Risen Indeed!
Pastor John