The History of First Lutheran Church 
 "As the universe was once but a magnificent conception with God, so this edifice  and congregation were once but a hope in the heart of some devoted Lutheran." This was Dr. Newton Royer's opening remarks as he  prepared a historical account of First Lutheran's first ten years.  The year as 1913 as the congregation prepared to install a Century Chest in the basement floor of the church. On January 12, 1902, eleven years earlier, First English Lutheran Church was officially organized with 19 charter members.  The first services were held in the Court House situated on the corner of Robinson and California St. until March 1902,w hen the congregation moved into the newly remodeled  Campbellite church situated on N.W. 3rd, just west of Harvey. In 1912, the congregation moved into a new edifice at the corner of N.W. 12th and Robinson, which continues to be the center of worship to this very day. 
As mentioned earlier, a Century Chest was installed on April 22, 1913. The chest had a two-fold purpose: to raise money to pay half of the cost of the Moeller Organ (the other half of $3,200 was donated by Andrew Carnegie) and to raise public awareness of the energy and enthusiasm  of the church's members. The chest was unearthed April 22, 2013.
In years that followed, the church  experienced gradual, continual growth until the late 1950s when average Sunday attendance reached approximately 275, caused in part by having sponsored sixty displaced families from Europe. By the early 1960s, the congregation began to experience a leveling off of membership. The Chancel, Sanctuary and the organ were renovated in 1960, and the Parish building  and parking lot were added in 1965. 
In 1972, Lutheran Brotherhood designated  First Lutheran as a landmark church and wrote, "Despite the problem of central city population shifts and the lure of the suburbs, . . . First Church has a field to harvest and a community to bless where it is now, Close by the skyscrapers. 
On Sunday, January 12, 1992, 90 years to the day of organizing, First voted to join the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. From her beginning, the church has existed to provide biblical a Lutheran witness. Our purpose has remained to be faithful in our Lord's work. 
   To God be the Glory!