First Lutheran Church is organizing a mission trip to Naknek, AK for the summer of 2018.  Exact dates cannot be provided until early 2018 since we will need to work with the local teams on scheduling.  Following is some general information.   We will schedule meetings with more information for those interested as the time comes nearer.

What would we do there?

We have heard a great deal recently about the Alaska mission of the AFLC.  Volunteers are needed each summer to help run The Net, a coffee house ministry for the thousands of seasonal workers in the area.  Work would include baking cookies, making coffee, cleaning up, visiting with people from all over the world and sharing Christ’s love.

Where would we stay and how long would we be there?

Food and lodging are provided, although donations are accepted and appreciated.  We would be responsible for the preparation and clean up of all meals.  The length of our mission would be 1 week.  With travel time it is probably best to plan for 10 days.

How will we get there?

Naknek can only be accessed by plane or boat.  We would fly to Anchorage than take a smaller plane to King Salmon where we would be picked up and driven to Naknek.

How much will it cost?

Currently, the cost of an airline ticket from OKC to King Salmon is approximately $1200 round trip.  We are also suggesting a donation of $50 per day/ per person for food and lodging.

      Airfare    $1200

      Food & Lodging       $350

      Med evac Insurance       $125(optional)

      Spending money    $200 - $400

      Total – minimum    $1875   

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve God and the AFLC Home Missions Department.  If you decide you would like to go please contact Scott Schauer at 405-834-7552 or by email schauer67@gmail.com (best contact).